Part of being a covenant member at Providence is giving financially to fund the mission of the Church. If you are not a member, we don’t expect you to give.

It’s usually easiest for members to setup recurring giving. We encourage members to give electronically in order to be a consistent giver. Consistent giving allows for more effective and efficient ministry. We also know there are times when you may desire to give more than your regular gift. A one-time gift is a perfect vehicle for that.

If you have any questions about giving at Providence or you are a member and would like a copy of the church’s budget, please don’t hesitate to email us at Also, click here to see our 2012 and 2011 financial statements. Thank you for supporting the mission of Providence!

Tithe or Recurring Gift

There are three options to give a tithe or recurring gift at Providence:

Recurring Electronic

While it takes a minute to setup, doing a recurring check draft or using a credit/debit card is the most efficient way to give consistently. Just login or create a signup for our church management system (The City) to setup a recurring gift using a check draft or credit/debit card.

Recurring Check

Another option to automate your giving is to regularly mail a check. You can do this manually or through an Automatic Bill Pay Service provided by your bank. We have written some sample instructions for how to set this up. Checks can be mailed to 5625 Preston Road, Frisco, TX 75034.

Give at Church

You may have noticed that we do not pass an offering plate at Providence. This is because we believe giving to be a private act of worship. There are tithe and offering boxes in the back of the sanctuary where you can deposit a tithe or gift.

One-Time Gift

Besides your regular giving, we also allow you to give a one-time gift by credit/debit card. This is useful when you want to give above and beyond, or if you don’t have a City login yet.