Internship at Providence Church

Internship Full Description
In an effort to develop servant leaders, Providence recognizes that personal transformation through application of the gospel and ongoing spiritual renewal creates a foundation for biblical and fruitful ministry. Second, Providence Church believes that church leaders are best developed, shepherded and equipped in the local church. Our internships blend biblical and theological training with real life ministry experience in community. Providence interns will spend much of their time serving the church, while engaging in conversation with pastors and deacons about theology, the work of the church, and their personal walk with Jesus.

Toward this end, Providence Church emphasizes mentorship. Mentoring allows a future leader to grow in character, conviction and competency in relationship with a godly church leader. Mentoring recognizes that adults learn best through self-directed training, when study is connected to practical experience, and when deep reflection and discussion are prioritized. Providence interns engage in conversations with members, deacons, and elders at Providence about theology, the ministry of the church, and their personal walk with Christ.

Internship Structure and Work
We offer the internship program to up to 4 people a year. It lasts approximately 9-12 months, starting in September.  An applicant must have completed his or her undergraduate degree.

Due to the shortness of the internship program, Providence Church does not build ministry on interns (teaching publicly, leading small groups, etc.), and interns should not expect the internship to be a time where all their gifts are tested.  Also, because our internship is over a short time, we hope to be a part of the process in discerning an intern’s call to ministry, but we view the church sending the intern to be the primary bearer of that responsibility.

An intern will spend time in a variety of ministry settings working with the Providence staff, elders, deacons, and leaders. They spend time doing “rotations” in different ministry settings including children, administration, men/women, students, and redemption.  Interns will also have projects that will need to be completed for the benefit of the church body. These projects will vary depending on the church’s needs, the giftedness of the intern, and the areas the intern needs to grow.  Interns will also learn some time management skills as well as the skill of work.

Much of the intern’s office time will be spent reading over 2,500 pages of text, writing papers and discussing those papers. While the list of books is constantly updated, here is a general guide to the books that are covered (a few more will be added).

Every week, one of our Elders, pastors or deacons reads the reflection papers written in response to the above reading. All the interns meet Thursday morning to discuss and defend their papers. Our staff will highlight a number of aspects from those papers and allow the interns to critically discuss the matters among themselves.

Who is Eligible?
We welcome applications from those who are interested in becoming an evangelical leader and who are able to affirm the Providence Church covenant and statement of faith. Four interns a year are invited to participate.

What Does an Intern’s Typical Week Look Like?
In addition to the reading and writing assignments mentioned above, the intern’s week includes mandatory attendance at staff meetings, all public services of the church, staff prayer times, intern discussions, weddings, wedding rehearsals, funerals, weekly service reviews, intern accountability and supervision times, and any spontaneous meetings that arise in the course of a week. Interns can expect to serve in children’s ministry as well as general office administration and they will do “rotations” of the different ministries at Providence over the year doing specific projects as well as shadowing some of the church leadership. Interns will also be responsible for some of the “grunt” work that is involved in running a church with a facility. Interns will also travel together to at least one of Afshin Ziafat’s non-local speaking engagements during the course of the program.

Part of the intern’s time will be spent scheduling and having one-on-one times with several deacons, elders, and staff members.  Interns also have the opportunity to meet with new and old members of the church. These meetings provide the interns with an opportunity to learn about various aspects of the church’s history and life.

We also ask interns to become members of the church during the time of their internship in order to best fold them into the life of the congregation. (Yet we do have a “no-dating” policy for interns not in a relationship.)

Lastly, we ask each intern to be an active member of a small group.

Is The Internship For You?
If you believe this internship would benefit your development as a minister, we encourage you to submit an application!

Providence Church Internship FAQs

Providence Church Covenant Membership Booklet (Statement of Faith and Covenant attached)