Our goal for Worship is to glorify God by guiding children in expressing their love and trust in Jesus Christ with ever increasing maturity and biblical understanding. We want to help teach our children what worshiping God looks like, but that our worship should never cease. Worship is best viewed as our response to God, for who He is and what He has done, expressed in and by the things we say and the way we live.  As we teach these things, worship looks different for different ages.

Preschool Worship

In Preschool Worship we focus the children on the current month’s Fundamental Truth and worship through intentionally repeating the same 3-4 selected songs for the month.

November 2012 *We Can Talk With God*
Our God Wants to Talk With Us (The Village Kids CD)
Clap Your Hands

December 2012 *Jesus Came to Save Sinners*
Joy to the World
Jesus Came to Save Sinners (The Village Kids CD)
Silent Night

January 2013 *God is in Charge of Everything*
From My Head Down to My Toes
Give Me Self-Control
Be Still & Know that I am God

February 2013 *We Can Talk With God*
Let Them Praise (The Village Kids CD – Blessed is the Man)
God is Listening
Oh, How I Love Jesus


Elementary Worship

In Elementary Worship we have a core list of songs that we rotate through each week. These songs focus on God’s character and His attributes as well as Bible verses.

No One Like You (David Crowder)
They Will See God (Seeds)
God Made Everything (The Village)
God is in Charge of Everything (The Village)
Do Not Fear (Seeds)
Everything is Different (Shane & Shane)
Crushed (Seeds)
God Wants to Talk With Us (The Village)
He Was There (David Crowder)
God is GOOD (The Village)
Happy Day (Fee)
Young (Seeds)
Jesus Came to Save Sinners (The Village)

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