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The Anatomy of God's Call (Gen. 12:1-9)

After the flood, God told Noah and his descendants to “the fill the earth” (Gen. 9:1). Instead, they proudly settled in one place and attempted to build the tower of Babel (11:1-9). In judgment, God confused their language, causing them to separate from one another and form the nations of the earth (Gen. 10). Following the account of Babel is a genealogy (11:10-32) tha...

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Discussion Guide: Jude 1-16

INTRODUCTION  Jude’s short letter has been called by at least one scholar as the “most neglected book in the New Testament.”  That may be due in part to how short it is and its being tucked away near the back of the New Testament. Nevertheless, this short letter contains God’s very words which are given to us for our good, and therefore w...

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"Here We Stand" - Study Guide


In the study guide below, you'll be able to follow along with us as we look at the tenets of the Reformation and how they impact us today....

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"Genesis: Out of Eden" - Study Guide

After God created the world, after Adam and Eve sinned, then what? Join us for our sermon series on Genesis 4-11 as we see how sin escalates from Cain and Abel through the flood to the Tower of Babel. You can pick up a hard copy on Sunday morning if you prefer. Many Community Groups take a break during the summer, so this is a great resource to encourage and equip you to ...

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Build Your House on the Rock (Matt. 7:24-29)

In this final section of the Sermon on the Mount so far, Jesus has used a series of contrasts to demand a response from his audience. They are to choose the narrow road as opposed to the wide road (7:13-14), listen to true teachers as opposed to false ones (7:15-20), and to do God’s will over and against merely professing to love him (7:21-23). Jesus turns to one more co...

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Two Messages, Two Teachers, and Two Followers (Matt. 7:13-23)

Every good sermon closes with a call to action. Having established what life in the Kingdom of Heaven is to look like (Matthew 5:17-7:12), Jesus now invites us to choose whether we will follow the path he has laid out in this Sermon or the way of the world. ...

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Motivation for Prayer (Matt. 7:7-11)

After instructing his followers not to judge others, Jesus begins to close out the main body of the Sermon on the Mount with an appeal for his followers to regularly approach their heavenly father in prayer....

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Don't Judge Others (Matt. 7:1-6)

As Jesus begins to wind down his sermon, he returns to the theme of hypocrisy that dominated 6:1-18. In this case, he deals with hypocrisy in the way that believers address sin in each other’s lives....

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Two Kinds of Ambition (Matt. 6:25-34)

In Matthew 6:19-24, Jesus addressed our values, the things we treasure. This leads quite naturally to the subject of anxiety, for if our heart is where our treasure is (v. 21), and if our treasure is something on earth that can be lost, then our hearts will always be restless with worry that our treasure might be taken from us....

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Two Kinds of Treasure (Matt. 6:19-24)

A major theme in the Sermon on the Mount is how different Jesus’ followers are to be from the rest of the world and what role our distinctiveness plays in God’s mission. In 6:1-18, Jesus illustrated the Christian’s distinctiveness in terms of his devotional life. Now he addresses our perspective and values. As citizens of the kingdom, the things we value (vv. 19-24) ...

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